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Roof Moss Removal

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Our Roof Moss Removal Services
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Extend your roof's life with our soft wash roof cleaning

Your roof is an essential investment that requires regular maintenance. Most roof washes cost less than 5% of the cost of a new roof and will ensure its optimal performance. Regular cleaning will also ensure that your gutters flow correctly and will keep dirty water off your siding. Taking care of your roof is an important task that is often overlooked. Staying up on roof washes ensures your roof will be living its best and longest life. If you wait until you see moss growing, the damage has already been done. Every home is different, and the intervals between roof washes will vary based on location. Some clients in more wooded areas such as Glacier and Sudden Valley need their roofs washed and cleaned every year, while others in farmland such as Lynden and Ferndale may only need their roofs washed every three to four years.

Benefits Of Our Bellingham Roof Moss Removal Services

The moss on your roof may look PNW picturesque however, it is actually causing severe damage. Moss roots between and under your shingles causing direct damage to the integrity of your roof while also created areas of moisture which leads to leaks and deterioration. The cost of roof cleaning is typically less than 5% of the cost of a new roof.

Our method of soft washing roofs will prevent new organic growth for at least two years depending on your home’s location. Keeping your roof free of infestations means less money spent on repairs and a higher resale value when it comes time to list your home. Regular cleaning means lichen will never have the chance to root into your shingles which is almost impossible to safely remove once established.

Soft Washing your roof means our technician can generally do most of the work from either the ground or ladder which makes this practice far safer than pressure washing or spreading moss “killer.” Pressure washing a roof will always cause damage by blowing seals, lifting shingles, and or taking away layers on layers of granules. Moss killer on the other hand doesn’t do an effective job of covering the roof in its entirety or killing existing moss like it says it should. That’s why we use the only method approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association.

Get The Safest Roof Cleaning in Bellingham Washington

We provide a safe soft wash to all roofs, including metal, asphalt, slate and tile. We use chemical solutions adapted specifically for your roof and follow cleaning guidelines backed by ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association). Don’t void your roof’s warranty with a pressure washer! High pressure will always cause damage to your composite shingle roof. You can rely on us for a safe solution. 
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Eythan Frost

Roof Moss Removal In Bellingham

Mt. Baker Window Cleaning Company does a great roof moss removal job! Very thorough cleaning process – my roof and windows have never looked so good! Very fairly priced for the quality of service and the owner, Jackson, is very amicable and made the whole process a breeze.

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Carolyn Fox

Roof Moss Removal Bellingham

Such a great experience! Corey was delightful, courteous, personable and very professional. Our roof hadn’t been cleaned in years and had tons of forest debris on it. We were worried that all the debris would end up on our deck and in our gardens. Corey was so careful not to let that happen. The roof looks brand new and the windows are sparkling. Corey, job well done! We highly recommend Jackson and his team for pressure washing and roof moss removal.

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Diana Hunter

Roof Moss Removal Bellingham WA

Awesome roof moss removal service from a super fast and incredibly reasonable bid to showing up on time and putting in every bit of professional effort to leave us with clean roofs and gutters and shingles, clear windows. We recommend them 100%

Frequently Asked
Roof Moss Removal Question

The moss on your roof has been killed but is still rooted between the shingles. It is important not to remove this growth with force to protect your roof and home. Removing moss with a pressure washer or wire brush will always cause damage to your roof, which does more harm than good. Moss will take one to six months to loosen its grip and start falling off your roof. Steeper roofs will clean easier with weather and gravity, while roofs with a lower pitch may require a light brush and leaf blow down the road.

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